Wardrobe Makeovers

Wardrobe full but nothing to wear?


That's a common problem and why I created a Wardrobe Makeover to help women make it easy to get dressed and feel great.


We'll review what's in your wardrobe, removing what is out of date and no longer fits. We'll create new ways of putting your clothes together. 

When I leave your wardrobe is organised, making it easy to get dressed.

It's amazing what one day can do!

My wardrobe is so beautifully organised and free of clutter. Everything has a place and the only clothes in my wardrobe all fit and match and work together beautifully. I even have an empty shelf!

Fabulous Functional Wardrobes 

A fabulous wardrobe is one that works for you - not one you work for.
The clothes mix and match, look good on you and suit your lifestyle.


I made this video to show you how I do it with my own wardrobe. 
As always, you start with the basics

dressing for success

"With your help I have turned four items into ten outfits and saved countless frustrating hours shopping. I've really learned how to dress for success."

"Thanks so much for a great wardrobe session yesterday. I appreciated your clarity, decisiveness, kindness, fun and generosity of spirit and time!  I never once felt ashamed and that is saying something pretty significant for me - and has everything to do with your style and Treen’s too!  

 I came home last night and bagged that great big pile of clothes. Malcolm took them to a Vinnie’s bin.  It was so great.  Then I cleaned out the closet and got everything hung and put away.  Still working on folding all the clothes - a shortage of boxes and no time to get out to buy some!  I am eager to do some shopping with you."

Warmly, Ann

"I love the new way you've showed me to organise my clothes in my drawers too!"

"I love the new way you've showed me to organise my clothes in my drawers too!"


Wardrobe Updates

Change of season is the perfect time to review and update your wardrobe.
I love to build upon what I already have - and help you do the same.


Take the stress out of Getting Dressed

How liberating to meet you! I realize I don’t need to be an expert at choosing clothes because YOU are.

I really appreciated your approach from assessing my lifestyle needs and preferences through helping me understand the colours that best suit me, to selecting clothes that flatter my figure. ~ Camille

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